Attention Managers: Are you ready to get rid of that back pain?

"Give Me Just 13 Minutes A Day for 4 days, And I’ll Show You How To...

Crush Your Back Pain

And Turn Your Body

Into Your Younger Version!"

(This Can Work Even If You Are Currently Seeing Therapists, Tried Everything Already, Or have a busy schedule...!)

Challenge Starts LIVE In:

The 'Back Pain freedom' Challenge Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step...

...How To “Crush” Your Annoying Back Pain And Get More Done...

...And begin to be MORE productive without taking pain killers or long tiring exercices that eat all your valuable time

Here's what you'll learn each day of The

4-day 'back pain freedom' challenge!

Day 1: The Root Cause

There is something that we do every day that is the root cause of back pain. Something that actually deforms our spine into a curve, and makes us slightly shorter.

You'll walk away from today having learned...

What caused our spines to change over the last five generation.

How a simple shift in angles can make all the change you need and make you taller.

How to use your time effectively to avoid back pain.

Day 2: Breathing Basics

In this section we'll learn and practice a few different ways of breathing from different methods that can alter the way you take in your oxygen dose.

You'll walk away from today having learned...

How to use your breath to refresh your mind and being more focused.

How to use your breath to fall asleep faster.

How this method can help you raise your energy before going to an important meeting.

Day 3: The Common Link

There is one thing that almost ALL successful CEOs and stock-brokers. Universities around the world are just starting to show just how powerful this method is to get rid of headaches, and activates the parasympathetic system. It's a must do for anyone in pain.

You'll walk away from today having learned...

The must do routine to be successful and pain free.

A short 6-minute routine that calms your mind.

How to energize your body naturally without drinking coffee.

Day 4: The Qi Pump

I discovered this one exercise years ago after suffering from Piriformis Syndrome, another type of Sciatic pain, not related to any bulged or herniated discs.

It not only moves the life force in the body but it gets rid of injury and pain. Safely.

You'll walk away from today having learned...

How to quickly perform the Qi Pump.

When not to use it.

Why it can cure diseases like cancer.

Ready To Crush Your Back Pain And Have The Tools To Keep It Away in Just 4 Days ?

What You Can Expect From The

'Back Pain Freedom' Challenge!

Before the event

Feel agitated and have a short temper

Not sure if you'll get rid of it, ever

Try everything under the sun​

Sit in agony and pop pill all day...

After the event

Be more relaxed, able to listen to your employees

Feel confident you are making the right moves

Have a step-by-step action plan​

Know exactly what to do during the day to keep the pain away!


4-Day Virtual Event: 'Crush Your Back Pain' Challenge!


Next Monday - Thursday @ 12:00 PM EST


Because this is YOUR time to get your body back into its younger self!

Now's the time to act!

Ready to take back control of your life In Just 4 Days?

I'll share with you the tools and the research I found to end my pain and the one of dozens of others. Even when doctors told them: "You have to learn to live with the pain"