How Can You Live Life Pain Free , Even If You Have Tried Everything Already?
(even if a Bulged Disc Showed Up In The Scans)

Learn the method that helped others end years of pain, through a proven ancient method, that promotes healing.

I help chronic pain sufferers start living with vitality and agility

Back Pain strikes eighty percent of the people in the western world

at least once in their life time. In most cases the back pain will dissipate within days to six months.

However in around 15% of the cases it lingers and becomes chronic back pain.

As long as the pain is Non Specific Back Pain (NSBP) It can be eradicated. 
The only prerequisite for anyone to start is the ability to stand up on both legs.
The method will dissolve the pain away and replace it with strength, vitality and well being.

אפשרויות ליווי


קורס דיגיטלי

מותאם לאנשים שעובדים לבד. 

ביצועיסטים עם משמעת.

תוכנית אישית מותאמת לצרכים שלך


עבודה בקבוצה.

פגישות שבועיות עם עוד אנשים שנמצאים במצב דומה. ויוצאים מזה ביחד. העבודה בקבוצה יוצרת חממה וקבוצת תמיכה.


תוכנית ליווי מובנת אישית.

לאנשים שרוצים להגיע למקסימום, לצאת מהכאב ולהגיע לדרגה הבאה, בכושר, בחשיבה ובחיים.

"We all brush our teeth to avoid tooth decay, but what do we do for our back?"

Yaron Mayer

"The Miracle Stretch"

This ancient stretch, ended back pain with sciatica for chronic pain sufferers who almost gave up.

One simple stretch that takes just a couple of minutes to perform can end years of suffering, even for individuals who’s doctor said:

“There’s nothing you can do, you have to learn to live with the pain.

I share it with all my patients who want to live pain free lives.

Meet Yaron Mayer

I’m Yaron Mayer, a former Israeli Navy SEAL and the creator of the Live Life Pain Free Method… it’s a system that is based on Energy Flow Work. A system that has been in use for hundreds of years for different ailments and pains to alleviate pain and make people healthy and pain free again.

The system has been tested in thousands of studies and trials and the results are overwhelming. It always outperforms regular exercise or other treatment methods.

My students and clients have now been able to live without pain, overcoming conditions that were keeping them hostage for years. 

Along the way, I’ve nor helped different types of conditions such as bulged disc, Fibromyalgia, Neck and shoulder pain, knee pains, herniated disc, Scoliosis, MS, even after they have tried dozens of other treatments, western and alternative.

I get most excited about all of the “Thank you, Yaron” that I hear after helping them get back to their lives and family and become a better, more fulfilled person.

Case Studies


3 years of neck and shoulder pain gone
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Melvina Fuld

One stretch ended 22 years of pain